River Bottom Ranch

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We have a wide variety of cattle breeds here.  The registered Hereford are probably my favorite overall, but we also have commercial cattle.  We have a little bit of everthing.  The cows are also very friendly and would love it if you put a few alfalfa cubes in your pocket and came out to say Hi! 

Our bull Mirage. 

Poof has been a gem to show.  She won 3rd in the commercial division of the NDJPSA.

Purchased from Vangness Show Stock

Pepper and her calf Smoke.

Pepper was Shayly's 2012 commercial show heifer.  She always caught somebody's eye in the ring.  She also took 3rd in the NDJPSA

Purchased from Vangness Show Stock

Elena our most colorful heifer calf.